You Could Call Us Meticulous Renegades.

Sure, we follow the rules: Everyone in this business has to. But we don’t do things like everyone else. We set the bar higher. And hold ourselves to a higher standard.

We Don’t Leave Anything To Chance

Obsessive attention to detail. Rigorous testing. State-of-the-art facilities. We produce premium products by leaving nothing to chance. Our stringent clean cultivation practices – from dedicated drains to the material of our ducts – prevent mold and eliminate cross-contamination. Automatized heating, cooling, lighting, nutrient and watering systems ensure precision input control. We even take our water down to its purest state, and add back only what’s needed.


Products launching 2018 in California and Michigan. Check back for product-specific information.

Does Our Grower Talk to the Bud?

We’re pretty sure he does. After all, he’s surrounded by the ladies. And feels pretty lucky about it. He takes an artisanal approach to growing cannabis – and believes in the value of hard work. Where others take the easier way, he painstakingly transplants each plant into a coco soil mix. Because it improves the taste and quality of the finished product. At the end of the grow, he flushes the plants with pure water for two to three weeks. The result: exceptionally clean buds. And a smoother, better-tasting, more enjoyable experience.

Our Products Are Tested Three Times Before They Ever Leave Our Facility.

Iron Labs® tests our products on site, at every facility. Not because it’s required. But because we want to make sure our products meet our standards, not the minimum required by law. Testing also enables us to quantify the exact dosing in flowers, oils and edibles – and ensures absolute consistency from batch to batch.


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